Snow Plowing & Removal

When living in a city such as Congers, navigating winter weather can be stressful and dangerous. Whether driving on the busy streets or pushing your way through the crowded sidewalks, getting to work on time can be a challenge. When there is snow and ice on the ground, streets and sidewalks are not only crowded, but slippery!

Professional snow removal services are absolutely essential for Congers and surrounding areas. Anyone who has ever been in an ice related car accident or has slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk knows the importance of proper snow plowing and removal services. Not only does salting and sidewalk clearing allow for residents to get to work on time, it also keeps the streets and sidewalks safe.

Our home improvement contractor offers many different services to keep your property looking its best year-round.

At SDM Industries Landscaping and Excavation, we understand the importance of your safety on your winter commute. This is why we offer premium snow removal services for residents of Congers and surrounding areas. So call us today for our year-round property maintenance services in your area.

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